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Don’t Turn Your Back To The Ocean


My siblings and friends came to visit me, and was the tour guide to explore the island of Maui. On the last day of visit, we hiked down the mountain to the blowhole and to the heart-shaped rock. We were all the excitement and astonishment of the views from the waves and blowhole splash, and the landscape scenery that morning. Hard lesson learned: Don't turn your back to the ocean. In few seconds, we were displaced approx. 20-ft into the rocks. Luckily, my sister was protected with her body clothes with minor scratches. On the other hand, I sustained most of the impact from the rocks, as I jumped pass toward her as the second huge wave crushed us to the rocks. We managed to walked up the mountain on barefoot as my cuts becoming exposed from my arms, legs, hips and butt. We immediately administered first-aid and drove back 1.5 hours to my apartment to clean and dress up my cuts. My sister and friends, flew back that late afternoon. The next morning (Sunday), my body was in pain, inflamed and it was difficult to walk or can barely walk, so I was taken to ER.

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