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Enjoy Watching Me Go Flying


The GEORGE RIDING CLUB hosts a three day multi-disciplinary horse riding competition, the SPRING FESTIVAL, in September each year*. As in 2017 and 2018, I entered my pony, EVERGREEN SILVER STAR in the 2019 festival. Three weeks before the show, my coach, KAREN JACOBS OF THISTLEDOWN STABLES, suggested that I rather enter my friend, HANNAH QUASS's horse, GOLDMARK APOLLO as I had grown even taller and outgrown my pony, Star. It was a huge adjustment for me competing (especially showjumping!) on a horse I had only ridden a couple of times, their striding being very different. On day 2, after having completed my Dressage competitions, Apollo and I took part in the 80cm showjumping competition. I didn't read the strides properly and looked into the base of the jump, causing Apollo to refuse the jump and I went flying ... my mom, who was filming me from the sidelines with her iPHONE Xs, nearly had a heart attack but thankfully continued filming ; ) My injuries would have been worse than my bruised butt and ego; my HIT-AIR BODY PROTECTOR VEST (a specialised body protector which is attached to the saddle and contains compact air canisters which deploy air into the vest within milliseconds) cushioned my vital organs, spine, rib-cage, collarbones and neck. I fell in love with Apollo and I'm grateful Hannah agreed to sell him to me shortly after the Festival. He and I are currently jumping the 90cm and are hoping to soon advance to the 1m classes. *Very sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there won't be a GEORGE RIDING CLUB SPRING FESTIVAL this September.


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