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Hand Skateboarding 2nd Video

Superb Humans

Basically, I’m the first ever professional finger scooter rider. I’m also a pro fingerboarder (I ride since 2010). I create short videos and post it on my Instagram and TikTok accounts. I generated a great publicity very quickly, from the very first video that I posted spontaneously on my Instagram in November 2019. I just found my old finger scooter in the toy box and decided to film some tricks for no reason. Video became viral and I understood that I’ve invented something special that needs to be evolved. I started searching for the mini sneakers and found them after a week of browsing. Then the finger pants came (my grandma made them for me a week ago????). I spend really a lot of time filming and editing my clips ( up to few days) but I have a great feedback from my fans and this motivates me to create more and more unique content. To sum up, now I have almost 700k followers on my TikTok account (@fingerhustler) that I started only two months ago. That’s crazy and I still can’t believe all this happening with me. So, that’s my story about how I Invented my content!


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