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Humpback Whale Came Near To The Boat


"So I work as a tourist guide for World Of Greenland in Ilulissat, Greenland. And I sail the safety boat for the kayakers, so usually I go out to look for whales before the kayaks get out on the ocean, so when I see whales I would just follow the whales kind of like a parallel line, so that I don't disturb the whale, but this day I just had a weird feeling but i didn't know why, so my colleague Mads he asked me if he could join me for the boat tour and I said "sure, I get bored when I'm alone, it's always good to have some company", and when we prepared to go down to the boat I told him we might have a good chance to see whales. So we went out to the Kangia Icefjord close to the old Sermermiut settlement, that is when we saw three whales coming right towards us, so I just kept the engines turned off because I don't want to scare or disturb the whales, and that is when the whale comes a little too close for comfort, you can the whale was going up to breathe, but then it realized there was a boat where it was going up, and it just went diving just before the boat, the whales we can see in the video is about 15 meters long (49 feet 3 inches). It was just a very special day and a very lucky tour for my colleague as well."

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