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Car Accident At Victorville,CA On 8th July


July 8th 2020: At the time of this accident the dash camera is looking North on 7th Street at the intersection of Green Tree in Victorville California written July 10, 2020: I spoke to the victim in the white car today, today being July 10th 2020 on the phone . Both drivers were female and had one minor female in the car each with them. The white car driver says she blacked out for a moment at impact and her daughter woke her up and said we need to get out because the car is smoking, they are seen in the video running from the car. She said she is very sore, has a concussion, recurring times of feeling dizzy and stress disorder in the form of paranoia when it comes to riding in a car to get necessary errands done. She was not taken by ambulance. But the offending driver was taken by ambulance, her condition is unknown. The police did not come to investigate or take a report, even though based on this video evidence you could infer there is suspicion of driving under the influence of some substance by the offending driver failing to stop for the red. The driver of the white car says she had to go to the police department the next day to fill out a report and I recommended going back and adding this video evidence to the report.

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