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Leopard And Three Little Cubs Appear From A Bush In Kanha National Park, India

Unbelievable Wildlife

This happened early morning around when we were on a safari at Kanha National Park on 16th October 2020. Around 7:15am we heard the alarm/warning calls of the Langur monkey, with thier tone we were sure that there is a leopard in the bush. We searched for the monkey which was giving the warning call, it was looking down below. Within a few minutes we realise something moving in the bush. Yes it was a leopard, just peeping out of the bush. Finally after getting confidence decided to come on the road. Oh my god! there follows the three little toddlers, so tiny cubs following the mother. It was a life time experience for me being in the jungle for last 10 years. Later the whole family started walking on the road for more than 100m and decided to go inside the bush. At the same time the monkeys were going crazy by giving warning call of different sorts, even one monkey broke the tree branch by pushing hard. For the whole time you could hear the camera shutters like a machine gun, our guests were too busy taking the photographs. Even it was their first encounter of a leopard in the wild. Name: Mohan Kumar M Location: Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

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