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Transferring From Wheelchair To Car, How Technology Can Help Improve Lives

Emotional Tech

Throughout my life, unfortunately, I had the belief that I wouldn’t amount to very much because of my disability. I always worried and doubted my capabilities because of my wheelchair. I didn’t know what goals to aim for, because I always questioned if I’d be able to reach any at all. Throughout my younger years I always thought I was destined for the stereotypes of disability. Dependancy, isolation, “comfort”. “People like me” with cerebral palsy struggled by design. So at a young age, for me, the future looked bleak and pretty pointless. Fast forward ten years and I’m putting out a video, showing the world that I can be confident enough to be the vulnerable Emily, transferring from my wheelchair to my car and vice versa which I always used to hide even from friends, because of the fear of difference. I am so emotional and so happy to be able to show myself in this video as I truly am without fear. Most of all, this video is to show that “people like me” can achieve anything they want to and become anything they want to. Because I’ve grown to learn: I’m just like everyone else.

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