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Scariest Texas Tornado Forms Massive Twister


Occurred around 25 miles south of Booker, Texas along Highway US-83. "This was day four of a week storm chasing with Storm Chasing Tour out of Wichita, Kansas. We'd started out the day 300 miles away, on the eastern edge of Tulsa, Oklahoma and had targeted the Texas Panhandle for storms that day. Our meteorologist tour guide put us in an excellent position and we weren't more than two or three miles away when we first saw the wedge tornado forming. After viewing from the first spot we repositioned ourselves closer to the tornado and witnessed it crossing the road approximately 1 mile in front of us. The tornado then began to dissipate and appeared to rope out. The storm recycled and we witnessed a second "stovepipe" tornado before it's path headed away from the roads that we were able to chase on.

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