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This Year I Completely Surprised My Mom For Christmas. I Actually Had...


I live in Los Angeles and my family resides in North Carolina. The holidays are an important time for my mother and she really enjoys having her four sons home for Christmas. Back in November I started a new job with an event company and the schedule of events wasnt going to allow me to make it home. A few days before Christmas, I looked at my work schedule and after giving a shift away to a co worker, saw that I had a few days off starting on Christmas. With the help of my dad, I bought a plane ticket home for those few days and started planning the surprise. One of my brothers picked me up from the airport and took me back to my moms where my family was going to be having dinner. I usually Skype with my mom on Christmas, so as my siblings went inside and got settled I waited in my moms garage. We eventually got on Skype to say Hi and Merry Christmas and during the video chat I walked from her garage into her kitchen as you can see in the video. My mom had absolutely no idea that this was happening, and being that her dog of 13+ years had just passed, it meant the world to her to have me home for the holiday.


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