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Talented Kids Show Off Amazing Gymnastic Skills

Superb Humans

1. Pauline is 7 years old. She is very successful in competitions. In sports club the champion is engaged the second year, very much loves rhythmic gymnastics. 2. Maria is 9 years old. She has been studying for 4 years. She devotes a lot of time to training. Loves to try new elements. Likes acrobatics. Took prize-winning places at competitions. 3. Anna is 7 years old. Engaged in the second year in the sports club champion. She is a very cheerful and active child. Has the ability to acrobatics, is easy to work with objects in rhythmic gymnastics. Successfully performs at competitions. 4. Milan is 7 years old. Engaged in a sports club champion for the second year. Likes gymnastics. She always deals with the mood. Loves to try new elements. Performs successfully in competitions.

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